Your individual situation matters.

What happens when you contact Footprints Community?

A team member will ask you questions to understand your individual situation and will provide you with information and options available to connect you with best level of support for you.

Your voice and feedback is an important part of this process. The people we support and their needs are always front and centre in everything we do. We have an engaged, highly skilled and caring workforce ready to assist you.

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If we cannot offer you a specific service, we will work collaboratively to connect you with the right provider and level of support.

Building and maintaining relationships is a focus on what needs to be achieved to reach these aims; ensuring that our clients voices and needs are front and centre, that we have a skilled and engaged workforce, and collaborate with like-minded partners to make an impact on the communities we serve. We recognise that we are ‘better together’.

I really appreciated the face-to-face communication. I was impressed by the high-quality professional and human connection. The Footprints representative was so easy to talk to, I feel she listened and engaged to identify all my needs and how to address these.


View our Service Profile Map to see where you can access Footprints support.

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