Client Information

Our Client Information Handbook provides relevant and useful information about Footprints’ services and is designed to assist you know who to contact when you need to and provide you with information about our obligations to you and your responsibilities to us.

  • Client Information Handbook
  • Updates to this Handbook may occur from time-to-time.

    Footprints aims to provide a high quality services, so we would like to know if you have any concerns with your care and services. We value your (and/or your representatives’) comments and ideas as you could suggest something that may assist others or solve a problem that we do not know about.

    We encourage you to raise any concerns/complaints with your Footprints worker, if you feel comfortable in doing so. If you are not happy discussing with your Footprints worker or you are not satisfied, your concern/complaint can be received:

    • In-person
    • By phone
    • In writing (email, letter, feedback form)

    Our contact information is available from the Contact page.

    You can use an advocate to assist you in making a complaint.

    If the matter is not resolved by your Footprints worker, the relevant Program Manager will be notified and will investigate your concern/complaint. The Program Manager will also inform the Chief Executive Officer of your concern/complaint.

    If the complaint remains unresolved, you may write to the CEO, marked Private and Confidential, c/o
    Footprints Community
    PO Box 735 New Farm QLD 4005.

    Where possible, all complaints are dealt with by those directly involved within a period of ten (10) working days.

    All complaints will be treated in confidence and will not affect the quality of services and support you receive from Footprints. Once your complaint has been finalised, we may contact you to make sure you still feel comfortable to access services and to ask for your feedback on the complaints process.

    If you prefer not to discuss your complaint with us or your complaint has not been resolved, you can contact one of the external complaint bodies detailed on pages 27-28 of the Client Information Handbook above.

    You have the right to:

    • be assessed as eligible to receive services without discrimination
    • know what services are available and choose what services you require to meet your needs
    • receive a written support plan outlining the services you will receive
    • privacy, dignity and confidentiality
    • complain or express your concerns about a service without fear of losing the service or suffering any other recriminations
    • have your complaints dealt with fairly and promptly
    • be represented by an advocate of your choice.

    Your rights may co-exist with other rights depending on the program, care and services you receive.
    Charter of Aged Care Rights
    NDIS Code of Conduct.

    What we expect from you:

    • If you need to make any changes/cancel your scheduled services and support, please contact us on 07 3252 3488. Where possible please provide 24 hours or more notice.
    If you are unable to provide 24 hours notice you may be charged for the full service or lose the support.
    If Footprints is required to cancel your services due to unforeseen circumstance (staff sickness or unsafe weather conditions), we will do our best to reschedule your service in ASAP.
    • Act in a way that respects the rights of the staff who are providing your services.
    • To make sure staff are not obstructed in doing their work or put at any risk.
    • Ensure your property is safe for staff.
    • Inform your Footprints worker of any changes to circumstances relating to your care.

    More information about your Rights and Responsibilities is also located in your In Home Folder or via your Footprints Worker.